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Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Spanish social network Tuenti has rolled out worldwide this week. For those who don’t know it, Tuenti was born six years ago and has more than 14 million of users. It is presented as the most simple social communications platform to keep in touch with friends and share experiences.

Tuenti was originally created for young people, mainly teenagers and it was necessary to get an invitation to join it. Now is no longer invitation-only and it is also available in 13 different languages such as English, Italian or French. Furthermore, they want to reach people from all ages and become the best alternative of simple, private, safe and global communication.

Joining Tuenti

Since you don’t need an invitation, it is quite simple to join Tuenti. You just have to enter your details such as name, city, age, etc… You can enter your interests (hobbies, movies, music…) or join a network (from your University or job) as well. Regarding the age, it is necessary to be over 14 years old to join the social network. In fact, Tuenti can contact you at any time and require proof of age in the form of a photocopy of your passport or an equivalent document of identification. Only in the case that someone has their parents’ authorization they can join Tuenti if they are under 14. In any case, they advise teenagers to inform their parents that they are using the social network.

Tuenti Pages and Places

It is also possible to create a Page or a Place. These were introduced in Tuenti just 2 years ago approximately and they are very similar to Facebook Pages and Places.

Regarding the Pages, there are two different kinds: basic and official.

The basic ones are free and any user can create one, you don’t need to be a company to do so, the only condition is that you can only create one Page per day. It is also possible to choose the privacy of the Page, so you can do it open to everyone, closed or hidden. In the last one people can only enter by an admin’s invitation.

Official Pages are also free, the only difference between the basic and the official one is that the last is verified. From my experience, when I had to create an official Page I just had to contact Tuenti to verify that it was official.

The way to know if a Page is official or not is because they have a yellow star together with the name:

Big brands like Coca Cola, Sony or HP have their own Tuenti Page in Spanish.

In order to promote the Pages, it is possible to do so by creating ads:

From the end of last year Tuenti introduced the statistics to the Pages, until that time it was not possible to see any statistics from your Page, so this change was an important peak for the owners of Pages.

Tuenti Places is a free feature that allows users to share content, comments and opinions about places (bars, museums, restaurants, hotels…).

This includes the “Check in” feature, which allows users to set and share their location from their mobile device. They can communicate with friends and share opinions and comments about the places as well.

Although any user can claim to be owner of a place, Tuenti may request additional information to verify this. In case that information is not provided they may deny or remove the ownership of that Place.

Other Tuenti features

Tuenti introduced around 4 years ago the chat option. It allows you to chat with you connected friends and create chat groups to talk to several friends at the same time.

The social network has recently launched a new and improved app for smartphones that allows talking with your mobile contacts on Tuenti. One contact doesn’t have to be necessarily a friend. You can just chat with them but without sharing your photos or your posts. In that case you need to download the new Tuenti app, which is now available for Android and BlackBerry and will be ready for iPhone and Windows Phone soon.

Tuenti also has online games offered by third-party providers and playing these games is always free, although Tuenti offers the possibility of buying virtual goods too. These are called “Tuenti Creditos” and can be used in some of the games, but you must be over 18 to purchase these.

I hope this overview of this Spanish social network is useful for those who didn’t know it. In my opinion it is a great social network that offers many possibilities and in case your target are young people or even if it is in Spain, could be interesting to start “playing” with the features that Tuenti offers and that could help to reach your audience. I’d say that the only thing that they should improve is the statistics, as they are still pretty basic, but I’m sure they will keep working to improve them.

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