Google Buys Frommers to Increase Searches via Knowledge Graph

Posted on 13. Aug, 2012 by in Thoughts

Why Google’s purchase of Frommer’s will help it feed the Knowledge Graph and increase searches.
Frommer's & the Knowledge Graph

Google just bought Frommer’s. Here’s Forbes Eric Savitz’ write-up.

When I first read about the purchase, I couldn’t quite understand why. Reviews and content didn’t swallow well as a reason. They are Google, but not really ‘Google’.

I soon remembered a post on WSJ that cites Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, saying that weeks after Google’s introduction of the Knowledge Graph, the search engine seen a noticeable increase in search activity i.e. more searches.

“Early indications are that people are interacting with it more, learning about more things…and doing more [search] queries,”, Amit Singhal, Google.

I think Google’s Knowledge Graph is the reasoning behind the purchase.

If searches continue to rise, or are greater than pre-Knowledge Graph integration, then Google’s introduction of Frommer’s data into the Knowledge Graph will help increase searches further for travel related queries. Travel makes Google a lot of money, hence purchase.

Money isn’t only Google’s objective; they want to keep users happy. Helping users to refine and improve queries with Knowledge Graph data increase retention.

Google Hotel Finder will be a destination that benefits from this purchase, if it stays alive. I think it will.

There you have it, another consideration as to why Google bought Frommer’s. Let me know if you agree or whether you think reviews and content are the catalyst.

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