10 Of The Best New Twitter Header Images

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Yesterday Twitter announced that they were making a few changes to the profile layout. In a move designed to improve the Twitter experience across multiple platforms and devices, Twitter introduced a new header photo – a tactic both Facebook and Google+ employed over the last 18 months.

As with any image based social platform change, those with time on their hands were quick to pounce on the new layout, getting creative with the new Twitter header images, and aligning Twitter avatar images and the new header photo. As with our top 10 Google+ pages, here’s a selection of 10 of the most creative Twitter header images;

1. @AwesomeRingerud

Twitter Header - Tanner Ringerud

2. @joshfjelstad

Twitter Header - Josh Fjelstad

3. @alixmcalpine

Twitter Header - Alix McAlpine

4. @tarmizishukri

Twitter Header - Tarmizi Shukri

5. @Rosen

Twitter Header - @Rosen

6. @Todayshow

Twitter Header - The Today Show

7. @RyanSeacrest

Twitter Header - Ryan Seacrest

8. @Mistakoo

Twitter Header - Mistakoo

9. @Numancebi

Twitter Header - Numan Cebi

10. @Jplrosman

Twitter Header - João Paulo Rosman

Fancy having a play with the new header image? Mashable have kindly uploaded a new video, showing you how to unite your Twitter avatar and header images.

Have a favourite Twitter header image? Made your own? Is it better than mine? Let us know! :)

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