Tradedoubler: Connect 2012

Posted on 21. Sep, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Yesterday we attended Tradedoubler’s annual Connect 2012 event. The one day event saw a range of industry experts providing insight and trends to try and shape the future of performance marketing. The day started at 10am at The Kings Place by Kings Cross, London. The event included affiliates, agencies and merchants. One of the best aspects of the day was the audience engagement, when we went through to the conference room, we were provided with what seemed like a small remote control. The remote control allowed us to vote when asked various questions. This was excellent and allowed the audience to remain engaged and allowed us to interact with each of the sessions.

The day kicked off with a session from Paul Flatters from The Trajectory Partnership. The session highlighted key customer trends from “the Millennial Generation”. The session was full of juicy stats from key customer behaviours across Europe. Paul explained how these customers were reacting to online media and how to try and engage with them by territory over the next few years.

The next session was from Neil Ranatunga; Head of Mobile and Jane Turner; Head of Market Intelligence at Tradedoubler. The session covered Mobile and what consumers are currently using their smartphones for. Neil and Jane stated a lot of facts and stats regarding the current mobile market. Personally, I feel as though a lot of companies are currently stating facts around mobile in conference sessions but there haven’t been many sessions that delve into the strategy side of things. I am hoping that the A4U Expo includes something ground breaking in October.

There were a number of sessions focusing on new types of affiliates to watch out for, emerging territories, technology developments and also a mobile panel of speakers.

The session that really stood out for me was by Mel Carson. It was absolutely brilliant! It was the first time I had heard Mel speak, but my, what a brilliant speaker. Mel’s session was called “Tales of the Digitally Unexpected” and he discussed how brands should launch unexpected, delightful marketing campaigns to become successful. There are two examples that Mel discussed that have stuck with me. The first one is Google’s Chrome Advert. The first time Google launched their advert it literally bombed, a lot of people didn’t actually understand the advert and thought it wasn’t relevant. Around a year later, Google launched the following advert named “Dear Sophie”. The advert does an amazing job of bringing out the emotional side of their audience; it also manages to promote all aspects of Google’s product range which is amazing. Customers were delighted and also surprised at the advert, after all, it is advertising a browser. The advert has received nearly 8 million views on You Tube. The second advert that I really liked was by the The advert is very simple and constantly surprises you when you watch it. This advert has received over 6.6 million page views on You Tube and has been a huge success in the States. Mel’s advice to any company was to be agile, be delightful and be unexpected in order to become a success.

All in all, it was a great day and we got to meet some great people! Keep up the work TD! We are looking forward to next year already.