LPC, LMS, YTO, LFR: Facebook’s Generation Z Lingo

Posted on 17. Oct, 2012 by in Tips

Exploring some of the lingo of Generation Z on Facebook.

Generation Z Generation Z is the common name for the group of people born between 1990s and present day. For a while now, people have documented that their actions, attitudes and movements carve the future for digital media.

Still trying to hold onto my youth, I often have banter with my friends and families ‘Generation Z’. This is difficult as they’re always on Facebook. Human interaction is clearly on the way out.

When I did manage to get their attention, they hit me with some Facebook lingo:

Like for Rates (LFR)

User posts “Like for rates” on their timeline and if another user likes the status, the poster will rate the “Liker” on looks (attractiveness) between 0 and 10. LFR is often changed to become “Like for personality rate”, etc. making the exercise more specific.

Like for a LPC (Looks, personality and closeness)

User posts “Like for a LPC” on their timeline and if another user likes the status, the poster will rate the “Liker” between 0 and 10 on Looks, Personality and Closeness e.g. L-8, P-3 and C-7. In short, a way for users to say what they think about you.

You’re the One (YTO)

User posts YTO on their timeline, if another users “Likes” the status, they will make comments starting with “you’re the one…” e.g. “you’re the one who makes me smile” or “you’re the one who makes me laugh”.

LMS (Like my status)

User posts “Like my status” and whatever friends do just that, the poster will write something they ‘like’ and “dislike” about that user. Typically they only do the first 10 users who participate.

Is ‘Like’ the new “Wink”?

All of the above ‘Generation Z’ lingo revolves around Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. Based on these trends, a ‘Like’ is no longer a means to say “I like this”, but Generation Z seem to use it as way to start engagement: “Like this and I’ll engage with you”.


For some reason, this activity reminds me of chat-up lines like “How much does an elephant weigh? Enough to break the ice”. Consider the psychology behind LMS, LPC, etc. and the desire for youths to engage without someone ‘breaking the ice’ and engaging first – dating. All of these status updates are social ‘feelers’ to see who’ll engage with you, similar to a ‘wink’ or a ‘smile’ in a bar could stimulate engagement between a male and a female.

Will you be targeting Generation Z by posting LMS or YTO in you upcoming Facebook strategy?

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