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Chrome Browser for Technical SEO

Posted on 29. Aug, 2012 by .


For the past few months I’ve been giving Google’s Chrome browser a test drive as my go-to, do-everything, Swiss army browser, and it’s doing very well indeed. It isn’t without its problems – the preferences menus, for example, appear to be the result of some kind of drunken wager – but on the whole, it’s [...]

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Responsive web design on desktop, iPad and iPhone

Responsive Design

Posted on 06. Jul, 2012 by .


Hopefully everyone with a professional interest in the web will have been aware of responsive design for some time now, but for the uninitiated, responsive design is a means of adapting a single website to all kinds of display devices via CSS media queries. A great example of responsive design in action is the Boston [...]

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Keep Calm and Carry On

A Regulated Internet: Online Privacy, Analytics and the Dreaded Cookie

Posted on 15. Feb, 2012 by .


Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011! With the introduction of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations on cookie use and user consent a mere two and bit months away, it’s no surprise that approaches to compliance are a hot [...]

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Lipstick on a pig

A Compelling Case for For Speed

Posted on 11. Jan, 2012 by .


Like most of my colleagues in the technical SEO team, one of the most common problems I face is making a compelling business case for fixing the technical difficulties I find on clients’ sites. The positive relationship between, for example, high quality content and a strong social buzz is easy to see and easy to [...]

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