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The Future of Infographics

Posted on 03. Jul, 2012 by .


The future of infographics lies in animation, interactivity and user-generated content. We look at how innovative designers are tackling blogger indifference.

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Making finance content Pinteresting

Posted on 30. Apr, 2012 by .


After Facebook bought Instagram and Pinterest became one of the biggest drivers of referral traffic, there has been an enormous amount of discussion around image sharing recently. Image content has been pitched as the future of social networking. It provides an extremely effective way to engage with a brand’s audience and make that brand’s online [...]

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Infographic of Infographics

Using Infographics for SEO

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by .


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand links? Infographics have become a very powerful tool for brands to engage with online consumers. Images generally have less of an SEO impact than text, however a carefully designed and compelling infographic can generate substantial and valuable inbound links to the [...]

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