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Facebook Fan Page Referrals Decreasing from Search

Posted on 11. Jun, 2012 by .


The blending of Bing and Facebook to create a well-rounded social search experience has been well documented, with the most recent announcement for the US seeing this develop further still. These recent  changes included the ability to get a 2nd opinion from friend’s right within your results pages. Google have been seen to heavily push [...]

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Starbucks vs Hugo Boss Avatar Comparison

Optimising Avatars and Logotypes for Search & Social

Posted on 20. Jan, 2012 by .


Google and Facebook are the most visited websites in the world, according to Alexa [1]. They both present the opportunity to brand your digital operation with avatars in Google Search, Plus Your World and Facebook’s Wall, but are you optimising your avatar to its best ability, and how do logotypes influence the process? Owned media [...]

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