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Your Web History in Google Social Search Results

Posted on 16. Jun, 2011 by .


While scouring the web for new content to consume, I noticed my pretty little face appear in the search results under a website I had just visited with a “You visited this page on…” message. I opt-in to Google Social Search, so I initially thought little of it. There are tons of Google experiments going [...]

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Google +1 on a SERP Listing

Google +1 Button First Look

Posted on 01. Jun, 2011 by .


Google’s long awaited adventure into the world of social sharing buttons is finally here (let’s ignore the previous Google Buzz and Google Notebook attempts). Google +1 Button Sizes After a first look, the Google +1 button sizes seem quite small and restrictive and not as ‘in your face’ and the Tweet button. Google gives four different button [...]

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Google’s +1 – What’s the deal?

Posted on 31. Mar, 2011 by .


So it’s official: Google has launched a major new feature to its search functionality, called +1, designed to act as a recommendation with shared social connections in a similar way to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. So far this nifty feature is available only to users in the US who have opted-in to the beta Google experiment [...]

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Is Google Circles the last brick in the wall for Google’s social master plan?

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by .


The hype is building about Google Circles and while Orkut, Buzz and Wave have passed us by relatively un-noticed (at least in the UK) or fizzled out of existence, there is good reason to believe that the rumoured Google Circles has staying power. Google already has its own social network foundations, Google Social Graph, which [...]

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