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Test, Tweak and Test again – the Value of Usability Testing

Posted on 08. Jun, 2012 by .


Commonly said to be the UX mantra, one might say that usability testing is a way of life among those in the field of UX, however, for those who are not, testing is largely an ignored process often bypassed in the pursuit of optimisation.  There are many various methods used to test aspects of designs, [...]

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product comparison within shopping basket

Support Product Comparison within Shopping Baskets

Posted on 04. Apr, 2012 by .


We’ve observed, through various rounds of retail website user testing, that visitors will use the shopping basket for more than its designed purpose: for product comparison. It is therefore important to support product comparison within the shopping basket with large images, table based structures, standard fonts and simple backgrounds. As consumers we find it useful [...]

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iPad 2 used for user testing

iPad User Testing: tech set-up and planning considerations

Posted on 06. Jul, 2011 by .


We recently conducted iPad user testing sessions from our lab at Brick Lane in London to assess user interaction with a retail customer service application. For those of you interested in how to get started, this post briefly explains our technical set-up and some key planning considerations for the research sessions. Due to the nature [...]

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